Children in need weekend

Here in the UK we have chldren in need weekend whereby people of all walks of life do all manner of things and donate and raise cash for the Children in need TV Show the money raised is passed to world wide charites to help those less fortunate than ourselves, i will be trading tommorow and all profits will be passed onto the geeks "children in need" Charity Plugathon via the donation button on the geeks forum.

Also the geek himself will be raising/giving monies for the said Charity just for plugging the Number 1 trading platform the GeeksToy, he is also putting up prize money in various competitions on the Forum, Inc £250 cash and a full betfair subscription to the API worth £2000 alone !!

The geeks toy, my own personal favorite trading platform will remain "FREE" for the whole of 2011 unbelievible !!! it now has full advanced charting and market overviews and best of all it is fully customible to suit you and the cost again is £0 for all of 2011.

I will put up some of my selections tommorow,
You will find the toy here
Probably the best Betfair Trading Software in the world!